Academic Research

In the fall of 2016, I enrolled in the Department of Art Education as a graduate student at the University of Florida. Here is a compilation of the research and projects I participated in during my studies. 

Fall 2016-
ARE6148: Curriculum in Teaching Art
  • Independent Project: Food for Thought

ARH 6930: Global Diversity

  • Final Project: Cultural Heritage

Spring 2017-
ARE6049: History of Art Education
  • Project 1: Personal Art History
  • Project 2: Great Moments in Art History
  • Project 3: Independent Project: Student-Directed Learning
ARE6641: Contemporary Issues in Art Education

Summer 2017-
ART5930C: Visual Presentation
  • Banana Babies
  • Type Design
  • Safety
  • Picture Sequence 
  • Kimbob Process
  • Infographic
  • Spinning Egg
  • Herbert Matter
  • Korea Culture
ART5930C: The Digital Image

Fall 2017-
ARE6933: Art Education Beyond School Walls
Spring 2018-
ARE6933: Thinking in Art
  • Creative Investigation #2: Powers of Observation
  • Creative Investigation #3: Showing Seeing
  • Creative Investigation #4: Nothing New Under the Sun
ART5930C: Mapping & Place​

Spring 2019-