Lesson 4: Animated gif

Jeremy Schramm

July 17th, 2017

University of Florida

For this first one, I did a lot of research to find what memes are popular and relevant now. I found out that people are starting to meme about V.P. Mike Pence and when he touched something at NASA that had a "Do Not Touch" sign. It reminded me of Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove" when Kronc tried to touch Emperor Kuzco. I thought it would be funny to mash them up. 




The second one was inspired by the Netflix movie Okja. It's about these superpigs that are given to great farmers around the world to raise for ten years. The superpigs are supposed to provide more food and have less of a footprint on the environment. But one girl, Mija, becomes attached. Again this reminded me of something, "Finding Nemo." The sharks weren't eating fish anymore. I started looking up other characters with close friends that are animals we tend to eat. The director, nor I, are trying to make people stop eating meat. The director wants to open the conversation and change some of the practices of caring for the animals. For example the pig stalls. He is rallying behind the slogan, "Farms instead of factories."

The third GIF is a revised version of the second. I wanted to play around with internet shorthand and push the directors message a bit more.